Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I am sick...

I am sick, my kids are semi-sick, and we have tons of activities today and this weekend... fun! Oh , well... gotta' suck it up and go on right? I did have a few bright moments of feeling good yesterday, and in one creative little hour and a half I managed to crank out the Thanksgiving album for us. I will try and scan it tonight to post, but since I have been intensely drugged, I am not promising anything too inspiring. In fact, I think the NyQuil has started to eat away at my brain, cause I can't even remember what exactly I made now... But, being sick already gave me something to be thankful for... On Monday I was "on the couch doubled over waiting to puke sick" and the ever faithful Jen went and picked up Lincoln for me, and brought me some gingerale and... a peppermint patty... NOW that is a good friend. She knew I would want that Pepeprmint Patty when I was feeling better, and sure enough, the next day... it hit the spot. So, I am thankful for my friend... I guess being sick has its perks!! LOL... Hope you and yours are staying healthy this Holiday week!! Check back later for the album pics... nyquil+ paint + patterned paper, it is sure to be interesting at least right???


  1. i hope you feel better real soon!

  2. DUDE...I don't know what to say! Do I tell you the truth and say that I am laughing my my stomach off my body or do I contain myself and wish you good health!!LOL!!!!
    Sorry honey...but you are just too funny! Seriously though...being sick is NOT cool at ALL!! So I AM hoping that you feel strait real quick kay? Can't wait to see your creation you made during your drunken stupper...Nightquil is no joke. We used to drink that mess just for the buzz!!! LOL!
    Chat with you soon girl -Karla

  3. Meilleure santé!!!

    {ThE fReNcH tOuCh}

  4. That sucks that you were sick...but what a great album you made from being sick...lord help me what you must be capable of when you're not sick.

    Isn't it nice when you really really find out who your real friends are...that was sweet!!

  5. Oh do you know what made you sick? Was it a cold, flu or virus or something?