Sunday, October 29, 2006

Does this make me a bad mom or a good one???

So, if you look at these pictures, does the fact that I allow my children to remove all the couch cushions and leap about the living room on them as if they are lily pads make me a good or bad mom?

See, you might say... "A Bad mom! How could you let your children behave like such little animals? What if they leave your home and think they can do this anywhere? They are not learning good behvior!! Bad, Bad Mommy. "

OR you might think...

"You are a good mom. You are allowing your children some freedom, even if it is a tad "reckless". They are having fun, and that is okay."

So... which camp are you in??? I think I would've labeled myself as #1 when I just had one child. BUT now that I have two, and they are BOYS after all, I am quite okay with a little reckless,fun, couch jumping. You see, what the pictures don't show is that when these two decide to do this, they are really cooperating. They have to help eachother remove the cushions, set them up, and then they take turns jumping. Em has even started to count before he jumps. So, looks can be deceiving... and don't worry, they don't do this at other people's homes.

Also, I have a new love... and don't fear, I am still giddily mad about my Micah. This falls into the food category of love... Here it is folks...pure delight, as the label says.

They make an almond toffee one too that is quite delish, but this one is like a little peppermint pattie in a bottle. And, as my reckless children would say... "Yummy,yummy in my tummy!" Or should that be "Yummy,yummy on lips, grows into a fat roll on my hips"???


  1. HAAAAAAAAA HEEEE HEEEE! Girl you are so funny. OF COURSE YOU ARE A GOOD MOM. I am going to make this message short and and to the point. You do YOUR thing and take care of those kids the best way you know how. Your not crazy are you? Then it's all good. They are smiling and healthy. And that's all that matters!

  2. adrienne9:30 AM

    Ha ha ha! Good mom!!! very good mom!

  3. Fun Mom!! Let them have fun. They'll have great childhood memories. My son likes to make couch and pillow forts in the living room and play there all day. It's creative and imaginative. And they need rambunctious fun! Go for it!

  4. This is a normal scene around my house since I have 3 boys, so maybe I should be asking the same question. My vote would be "good" mom. There are other things more important to worry about. Just let them have fun and remember, the sooner the couch wears out, the sooner you can buy a new one!! Hee hee!
    You and your creamers. *sigh*

  5. OMG, this is so funny, I think you are a fun mom, just like mine, lol

  6. Hey girl, it's me again. Just wishing you and yours a (BOUNCY) Happy Halloween!

  7. That makes you a VERY GOOD Mom!! Motherhood is all about letting your kids have fun when you can!! (And I'd a been jumping with them!!)

  8. hem...a good mum for your kids for sure!
    but maybe less for your sofa! hehe!
    oh great their party was!
    merci for your post on my blog!

  9. GOOD mom! They are getting exercise which means they will get tired which means they will go to bed without a fight! The BEST mom, if you ask me, LOL!