Saturday, August 25, 2012

Back at it...

Wow, last post was June 6th, and here it is the end of August.
My hiatus was intentional.
I wanted to be more here for my boys this summer.  Yes, HERE

Not looking down at my phone.
Not sitting at the computer editing photos for hours.
Not reading blogs, or facebook.

I wanted to be here.

Here reading books.
Here playing games.
Here watching goofy movies.

I did ok.
Yep, just ok.
I like to play draw something on my phone. (don't judge)
I like to read blogs about home renovations, and crafts and such.
I like to search for vintage goodies online.
I like to look at photos and read book reviews and put things on my "to read" list.

So, I wasn't perfect. I didn't go for the ever trendy "unplugged" because I knew that wouldn't work for me. There were some mornings when I just let the boys watch Phineas and Ferb whilst I drooled over home projects I'll never be talented enough to pull off.   It really wasn't until this week that bickering started in a fashion that made me cringe and say, "when does school start???" So I would say it was a success.

We have been crossing things off our summer list "like a boss"... isn't that a new cool saying? "Like a boss"? I have seen it places and been confused. I mean, you can peel an orange "like a boss" and workout "like a boss". The two hardly seem comparable, but maybe the boss is SO trendy and cross over, it applies to everything. I am a nerdy mom, so I would say something lame like "we did it with gusto".

So, welcome back to the world little blog o' mine...

and I love this... it was on pinterest... like everything else in the world.


  1. you are a great mom, I think your boys must have had a great summer with you!
    I have draw something on my phone but i've never played it. is it really that fun?

  2. I agree with everything you write, lol!!! With gusto! ;)