Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Summer List, Do-Over

So last year I wrote, and never published a post about our summer lists. We made a list of things we wanted to do, I printed them off, we attached them into cute little notebooks that I let the boys pick out, and then we got busy doing, crossing off, etc.

See, here they are, they were great... in theory.

There was a problem with my plan. By the time I got the photos off my phone or camera, printed them the correct size for their books, and had them sit down to write, the boys felt more like it was homework than documenting the fun we'd had. (photos printed the day of, that would've worked.)  We only got about half of our activities documented in the books. Boo.

 It was a mom-planning fail. I think I made it more about what I wanted, rather than what my boys would enjoy and be able to keep up with.

So, this year, I have a new plan, and I already told the wild boys about it, and they were all equally excited. (Now, if you are like my crazy talented friend Sarah, you will paint a chalkboard wall in your home for your list, pen it in lovely shades of chalk, and use that. I am not Sarah, and I am not painting a wall. Sorry boys.)

Here is what our list/scrapbook/summer memories will involve.

8½ x 11 cardstock
One binder & page protectors
One fuji instax camera and film
Markers, Pens, Gluestick, etc.
and let's be honest, I will throw in some of my beloved washi tape too :) 

 I am planning on taking the fuji instax, getting a photo of the activity/adventure WHEN WE DO IT and then that SAME DAY having each boy write down a little something for the opposite page. I know Alden will need help with this, but he can dictate to me or one of the older boys. I think they will love having this book, but it won't be as time consuming to put together. Honestly, if the Instax film weren't so expensive, I might have still stuck with individual books.  I also think using individual, 8 ½ x 11 cardstock will allow more freedom for more photos of certain things if need be, and being able to use regular old 4x6 photos.

So here is to 2012... The year of the DO-OVER :) 


  1. thanks for the props. but don't act like you aren't all crazy talented and capable of many pinterest inspired crafty endeavors.

  2. love this idea! I wish I had an instax!