Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It's a List.

1. When your 3 yr old takes a massive dookey, comprised of lots of small turds, and declares with a cute grin, "That was a family! They want to go to the party!" you realize, that $1750 you just spent to fix your septic tank was worth it. This is a lie. I am still bitter that I spent as much to hear about the "Dookey Family"as my new camera would've cost. I'll think bitter thoughts every time I look at that part of the yard; the $1750 hole in the ground. Did I mention it cost $1750 and that I am bitter about it... oh, I guess I did.

2. I started reading The Book Thief. I am worried that I am too stupid for this book. *eta: I am now well into the book and am happy to announce, I love it, and get it. 

3. I love moments like this:

4. Amazon Prime has changed my world. I mean that. Sort of.  I had to add the "sort of"  because otherwise someone will send me an e-mail about how Jesus should change my world, and how someone could take this to mean I find all my happiness in Amazon prime. I guess sarcasm is a dead language for some. Not me.
(fyi : Jesus is first, always, then My Micah, then... well, I hate to say it, but that two day shipping is edging out the boys a little in ranking. Again, kidding. Sort of.)

5. Alden learned to climb a large tree in our yard. He has no fear, and likes only the thinnest branches of course. I will let you know where to send the get well gifts when he breaks his arm.

6. As if I didn't dislike MarieClaire enough, they went and put Miley Cyrus on the cover. Deal Sealed.

7.I just realized my first item was a whole paragraph... about poop and bitterness. Oh, and the $1750 dollars our crapper cost us... you know, in case you missed that.

8. I don't understand why self tanners can't smell better? Isn't there some sweet smelling chemical that change the color of my skin??? Sheeesh.

9. I ordered a groupon for some new pizza place, where you order the pizza but then you bring it home to bake. I am totally counting that as "cooking" dinner.

10. We no longer have any form of cable, satellite, antenna, etc. Guess what? I can still sleep at night without knowing who got voted off American Idol. (more on the no tv schtick later...)

That is all. Happy Tuesday.


  1. 1. I bet an outhouse would've been cheaper.

    2. Will have to look that up.

    3. <3

    4. I got a free offer a while back and was in too big of a hurry to sign up. KICKING MYSELF. I thought it would be one of those offers they keep making until you take advantage. Apparently not.

    5. Yikes, dude. When did he get so stinking big??

    6. Barf.

    7. :)

    8. I'm comfy being white. Those self tanners smell so bad, they can't be good sauced onto your biggest organ.

    9. Mmmmmm pizza. Had it for the first time yesterday since learning what I've learned about real food. I felt like a big, fat, happy, greasy hog afterwards.

    10. Isn't it a great feeling?? I will admit, we watch Modern Family every once in a while on abc.com. Other than that, I can't remember the last time I actually sat on the couch to watch a show. Life is for LIVING!!

  2. LOL!!!!

    Okay, so you do that too, put all monetary value in camera price terms? LOL. I do too!!!

  3. 1. i laughed at chrissy's comment! it would be cheaper, but I bet you'd still have to have the septic guy come pump it, right?
    2. hmmm yes, must look into that one.
    3. so cute!
    4. i know, right?! I told you. amazon+prime is awesome.
    5. he and jake can come here and climb together. we have lots of trees with pretty stable limbs....so far.
    6.she makes me want to puke
    7. LOL
    8. unless you pay the big bucks i think you get stuck with the stink. i dunno though.
    9. well duh, you turned the oven on. that counts!
    10. we ain't got none of that either. it takes time to get used to for sure. but thank goodness for hulu and netflix. :)

  4. -i LOVED the book theif!!

    -how in the world do your boys look so old?

    -it's kind of bad how much we have ordered from our take and bake pizza place lately!

    -i wish i could cancel our cable too but my husband def. would not let that happen!

  5. The title of this post reminds me of my daughter, every time I forget something she tells me to "Write a list!" What does she know of lists...she's only 5!!!

    So introduce me to this Amazon Prime thing...I won't buy ANYTHING unless it's on Amazon, but they've never really sucked me into the Prime part, everything seems to ship so quickly when I order it, free shipping on not. I ordered a flat iron Thursday I was using it Saturday, it came so quickly I literally forgot I'd ordered it.