Saturday, April 16, 2011

The B-Lo part 4... my mama

 Ah, the joy of going home to mom's house, where the coffee is hot and the creamer is from circa 2006. Oh, you think I jest? Check it out:

In my mom's defense, she never uses creamer in her coffee, though I still made sure to tease her incessantly about it. I am a nice daughter like that.  I actually wanted to write this post because my mom did SO many nice things for us... so I am thanking her publicly, and uh, making fun of her a little bit at the same time ;) Sorry, old creamer brings out the mean in me.

Here are some "Home is..." tales...
Home is where this is awaiting your arrival... My mom's apple pie. Its' my favorite and The BEST EVER. Absolutely, hands down, amazing. I tried not to share it with the boys, but they too, love apple pie. Bums.

 Home is where your mom even makes this pie, at your lemon curd loving request. Yes, it does taste as good as it looks...

Home is also where your mom does fun things like this with your children:

Sifting flour for homemade waffles. Oh yes, she didn't just make them, she had the kiddos all help her.

Washing breakable vintage dishes.

Homemade Donuts.

Have you noticed the theme here of HOMEMADE breakfast foods?!?! My mother got up every morning and prepared things like pancakes, donuts, bacon and eggs, and waffles. My children were a little in awe to find out that waffles don't always come from a box and go in the toaster. Micah was telling me to "take note" as my mom prepared him freshly ground and brewed coffee every morning. Which she served to him, along with the homemade breakfasts. I fired off some line about women's lib. When we got home Alden asked, "Mama, what are you making for breakfast? Waffles?" Alden, welcome home... I am "making" cereal.

 This photo has nothing to with food. I am merely hoping that my mom will read this and take note of my extreme love for this vintage jar and decide to give it to me now, rather than waiting for her death. Yes, she told me would "Put my name on it."  It was my grandmother's flour jar, so its not just the vintagey goodness I covet. Uh, Mom... are you reading this? 

A Hadji photo to close with. The cats had to live in the mudroom due to the fact that Hadji and Alden were having trouble breathing. By the end of the week, Hadji came up with this trick to pet the cats. Yes, those are tissues. Oh Hadji...

Thanks for a super fun week mom... you're the best! (and I am not just saying that so you give me that vintage jar. If it helps that cause though... so be it ;)


  1. Your mom is a sweetheart...and obviously a super awesome cook. LOL on the creamer...My mother-in-law does the same-I teased her about several-years-old-ranch-dressing in the fridge, he he he!

  2. WOW your mother is AWESOME...I want to be like her when I grow up.

    Talk about going back to basics...I swear I'm moving more and more towards homemade everything...there's a joy in it, not sure why or wear but it's there.

    Little by little I'm getting there...Monday night I made about 20 waffles, I blended up banana and added it to the mix, then I bag them and freeeze them. Granted it was bisquick mix, and when the bisquick is gone I'm going to be right along there with your mother sifting flour!!! LOL

    I don't think my daughters ever seen waffles out of a box, but yet she's never seen a real egg either...alas we use egg beaters...let me go google chickens for sale. LOL