Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Do not adjust your screens...

You may have noticed I actually changed my blog's layout. You should know, for someone not so tech savvy, this is a big deal. I had not realized blogger was making an effort to allow customizing your look a more simple act for the, well... simple minded, like yours truly. They even have a tie dye background. I know, you are shocked that I did not choose that one. Alas, it ends up that the main area has a buttload of purple showing, and we know, I cannot tolerate that.

Here is a Rainy Wednesday List of Crap You Didn't Need to Know:

1. I am in a techy mode lately. I even changed my facebook profile pic... after over 2 years. Maybe soon I will figure out how to properly burn a CD. I know how, I'm not that stupid, but every CD gets to about song 10, and then its messed up. It is eternally annoying, everyone knows all the good songs are after #10.

2. I got duped again by Amazon and their magazine deals. This time it was Marie Claire. Since I love Project Runway, I thought I would love the magazine. Well, I love the fashion part, but I feel like it is the middle class girl's Cosmo. That means ridiculously unbelievable articles about trashy sex. Why is it so hard for the world to understand that normal people like fashion too? (and by normal I mean women that don't have bathroom flings with the gas station attendant or their barista at Starbucks.)

3. I think there should be remedial classes for the car line at school. I have never seen so many stupid, yes, I said it... STUPID adults in all my life. How hard is it to follow a line of cars, and pull up in proper order? Every day is a lesson in patience for me.

4. Small children who immediately start running back and forth and boxing the air when the Rocky theme comes on are hilarious and cute. Bonus points if they are in their Scooby-Doo undies.

5. It is pouring rain and I am refusing to go to the grocery store. I loathe wet plastic bags and water spots on my cereal boxes. Clearly, I would starve if we ever moved to Seattle.

6. A guy at church told me he thought of me as a "mother-type"... I suspect he knew he'd chosen the wrong family label by the shocked look on my old lady, wrinkled up face. (I was thinking older sister, I'd even go "aunt" but mother?!?! ) He should know, moms buy you things like underwear and toothpaste. Sister types, they come up with the cool stuff... homemade cookies, giftcards for coffee, etc.

7. I finally found and purchased my black booty shoes. They are not super comfy, but I don't care. I love them. I just wish the fashion industry would have come up with a better name than "booty". I feel like I am buying shoes for my butt.

8. I have refused to turn the heat on yet. I am trying to make it through the whole month of October without it. Micah took note that it was 58° in our house last week. So? I did turn the oven on for a few minutes and opened the door. Safety first is the motto at this casa for sure.

9. I miss Farley's candy pumpkins. If you don't like candy corn (and you know who you are ;) ) you may not know that years ago, there was a lesser known candy pumpkin company, called Farleys and they were fabulous. Not cheap waxy candy pumpkins, no... they were yummy little orange dye filled bits of goodness. I have acquiesced and now eat Brach's Indian Corn. Bridgette and perhaps Martha will know what I speak of here. Thank you for your confectionery support girls.

10. I went to IKEA and Trader Joes with Alden last week. I made a discovery. IKEA crepes are nasty. I looked longingly at Alden's $2.49 kid meal and realized, I had made a grave error in IKEA cafeteria judgment. The lemon curd from Trader Joe's salved my wounds.

The End.


  1. Those are 10 things I DID need to know. I probably would've fallen for IKEA crepes.

    9. I don't like any form of candy corn. It may be the only candy I do not partake in. Oh wait, no, milky ways, ew. What a waste of chocolate.

    8. I was that way w/our AC last month. We reduced our electric bill by $70.

    7. I need a picture. I have no clue what booty shoes are.

    6. HAHAHAH, that's just wrong. Funny, but wrong.

    5. I HATE soggy boxes. Like when they bag frozen food in with dry stuff and the box gets all warped and soggy. Yuck!

    4. :) Love it.

    3. I don't wait in carline for this very reason. I think all school zone drivers in general are stupid. Like the dirtbag that RAN a stop sign WHILE texting in a school zone as Felix had one foot in the crosswalk. I yelled. She probably didn't hear me as she sped away.

    2. I agree. Marie Claire, didn't they just have to apologize for calling somebody "Fatty?"

    1. I KNOW, right??!!

    Love the new look of the blog. :)

  2. I ate 2 pounds of said Brach's pumpkins this year. I wish I knew of this Farleys you speak of!

  3. LOL I've never had the crepes from Ikea I'm still hooked on the meatballs and logenberries!! LOL

    Oh yeah...why are you still using plastic bags when you shop??? :0(