Monday, April 19, 2010

Hello List of Random Facts... my old faithful friend.

***Well, I just popped in here to update my blog and found this post from a few weeks ago, never published! I blame Micah. Now that I am a pastor's wife, I make him edit before I publish. So, if there is anything offensive in this post, blame him, the "rev".) ***

When one realizes they have once AGAIN failed to update their blog, one can always go to the "Random List of Facts and Observations". I like the list. It's convenient, doesn't necessarily need to make sense, and best of all, you can make it as long or as short as you want. So here is a list of one random fact. Just kidding. There will be more than one, and they will most certainly be random, as my brain capacity diminishes every time I am forced to ask "who didn't flush the toilet again?".

1. This weekend was very important. All because of one word. EMPTY is that word, and that one word, and the fact of what it means, have made my life more FULL than I ever thought possible. Empty, full. Thank you Jesus.

2. Last week was also a tad important as a certain chattykathy with red hair who lives in this house had a birthday. It was me! Good guess. I asked Micah for NOTHING since I am saving my pennies for a speedlite. He came home with chinese, wine, and a potted plant. Smart man. Especially after he started the day with a jab at me being old... 9 months, the man is NINE months younger than me and you'd think I picked him up at preschool or something...

3. I am happy to report that my friend, JMac, as mentioned 2 posts ago in reference to Trader Joes, she did in fact take that mammoth "hint" and picked me up all my favorite goodies on her last trip there. I love that girl and her ability to pick up on my subtle ways. Its like she is a mind reader or something...

4. After getting my TJs goodies I discovered... take the sinfully good lemon curd, add in fresh strawberries and a wee bit of fat free cool whip and I call that dinner. (and breakfast and lunch too actually). Also, my friend Kate and I could probably eat a whole jar of it this way, and I truly think, at some point we shall do just that.

5. I tilled my garden today and I really smelled like gasoline. And sweat. And dirt. I must be part farmer because I kind of liked it.

6. I cooked a whole chicken last week, beer can up its little butt style. I did not eat any of said chicken. You want to know why? I took out the beer can, and there were little bits of corn inside the chicken. That's when it hit me... corn is what chickens eat, this is like, chicken poop. I have kids, I know what goes in as corn, comes out as corn. Who the heck is in charge of the corny chicken butt removal department at Perdue anyway? I will likely never cook a whole chicken again because of this incident.

7. I am craving asparagus. With balsamic vinegar and feta. I am now accessing your worth as a person based on how much you are drooling right now. No drool= we will never be close. Little drool= we can meet in the middle. Lots of drool= pull up a chair and have a seat, there is more salt 'n vinegar talk where that came from.

8. I made Micah take pictures with me Saturday. I am finding out, my Micah hates being made to sit in the lawn and take flickr worthy photos. he literally said, "What if the neighbors see us? We will look so weird." Really? The neighbor who just rode a child's mini motorcycle to his front yard to sell? Followed by a golf cart? This is who you are worried about? Whatever..." I said, "park it in the grass and smile pal... "

9. I took pictures of Alden in a little white bodysuit a couple weeks ago. Why??? Well, a) he looked cute b) he was also wearing a tie-dye, and everyone knows, Jude ♥s tie dye, and c) I realized that warm weather was coming and it was probably the last time my last baby would ever wear a little white baby bodysuit. I am not even going to sugar coat the bawling that followed that photo op. (micah remains steadfast in his no more babies stance, I am wavering, ever so slightly, but it takes two to dance that tango so... )

10. I cannot tell a lie. I have watched the first three episodes of Jerseylicious. I am ashamed, but the hair stylist in me cannot look away. I mean, there are almost no words... except for these: Less Makeup. (ps I think the show is really shot on days when that salon is closed too, no one, at least no one sane, would ever let those people actually do their hair.)

The End.
Oh, and thanks to blogspots weirdo photo spacing issuing, no photos. Apologies.


  1. you never fail to make me laugh. I cannot believe the corn. eww. but the asparagus with balsamic vinegar & feta sounds heavenly. Where are the pictures????

  2. I am drooling ... a lot. In fact I think I need to stop at the grocery store and get some aspargus and feta (I already have the balsalmic). Happy birthday my friend!

  3. HAPPY birthday!
    & I am so thoroughly grossed out about your chicken paragraph that I can't figure out if the vinegar infused asparagus sounds good to me.

    I keep MEANING to call. Everytime I pick up the phone someone poops. Or falls down the stairs. Or falls up the stairs. Or gets kicked in the face. Or slams a finger in the door. Or notices an empty sippy cup and screams as if their very life depends on apple juice...I could go on. But you get it. We shall speak SOON.


  4. What if the neighbor sees me??? Oh Micah.... ( although that is totally what Jeff would say too!)
    and the chicken- gross!!
    Now I must see pics of that little Alden in his outfit... My baby is turning four NEXT week... Crazy, but I'm totally not with you on the wavering ;)

  5. no 6 had me pee my pants.

    no 7 I guess we'll never be close...but would salt and vinegar chips count? :0)

    no 10 the Rev's wife should not watch such a show, shame on you! LOL