Friday, February 13, 2009

Love in the Brain?

As I sipped my coffee this morning, I read the local paper and was immediately jarred by the following headline...

"Researchers use science to track love"
It's in the brain, not the heart, their tests show

HUH? What? In the brain? I took the bait and read the article. Several "scientists" are promoting the idea that basically, your love for that special someone is all in the brain, and related to one teardrop shaped "hot spot". Yes, they used the term "hot spot" while referring to the "ventral tegmental area". That is like saying Hillary Rodham Clinton and hot in the same sentence.
Also thrown in for good measure...
the nucleus accumbens
the ventral pallidum
the raphe nucleus

Now, if those terms don't get your love engine revved up before Valentine's Day, wow, I don't know what will. They all scream "Sexy" to me for sure.

So, the rest of the article basically goes on to say that the "scientific findings" mean that love is in the head, not the heart because all of those fancy shmancy terms above measured higher when someone was shown a picture of their loved one. Am I to then infer that, Micah's love for me is based on the sight of me?
Holy Crapola, now I am glad his vision sucks!

No joke, I mean, I have seen me in the morning, it is not always, ok, it is not ever, a pretty sight. I wonder if that teardrop shaped thing in the brain can curl up in sheer fear of the image the brain sends it... like this one...

I prefer to think I always look like this... happy, smiling, and not caught at some awful camera angle by Lincoln whilst making breakfast...

I will tell you, I am glad that I think this article is a bunch of bullcrapitismaximus, because were it not, Micah would have fallen out of love with my flabby, morning breath, big nosed self a LONG time ago...
The best part of the article...
In the last paragraph one of the scientists is using her "study" to help in her position with an internet matchmaking service, where she is the scientific advisor. Really.... can we say conflict of interest or what?
I want to start a website called "salt n vinney" about how eating salt and vinegar chips IS really good for you. It will be based of course on lots of sound "scientific" evidence, that I myself will do...

Until then, enjoy your upcoming holiday with the full knowledge that LOVE, love is indeed a verb.
(to quote the great DC Talk, that is for you Sarah... )


  1. #1. thanks. now i'm going to go find the salt and vinegar chips that are hidden away in the darkest recesses of our pantry. oh, and eat them all.

    #2. it's not love that is a verb. it's LUV. :)

    #3. i don't think you have a big nose.

  2. Yep, a verb, for sure! Love your take on the article. Was it in an actual newspaper?? I mean, it's not like the whole world is falling apart right now, so I can see where they may have run short on actual news to report...sheesh!

  3. Anonymous7:24 PM

    LOL!!! thing is glaringly are gorgeous, even in jammies at weird camera angles and making breakie!!

    it is amazing what scientist, in the name of science, will take a hand a proving or disproving....

    my favourite are their always changing scientifically and sound theories on food...yeah...

    have a fabulous valentines!

  4. valentines? was that the holiday? I am rooting for family day in alberta woot woot! I think valentines sucks (oh right cuz I dont have one) and, I am aware of why micah loves you...its probably the same reason I are more beautiful than julia roberts and you have that amazing accent and laugh along with me laugh that makes you just feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Just for posterity i will make some short person take a pic of me tomorrow morning and you will realize you arent just the milk goddess but the morning (breath and all) goddess compared to us regular folk:)

  5. the things people come up with just makes me wonder....

  6. Next time I see Cliff, I'll be sure to tell him he has a tight nucleus accumbens. Because really - what says love like a nice nucleus?

    Hahaha, this was heeeeelarious, btw.

  7. I LOVE IT!!!

    I've always thought that Mister M's love for me was in his head. :-)

    But when he says he loves me with "all his heart"...I stand corrected :-).

    Dontcha just love scientists? I guess we all "evolved" from monkey's too, huh? LOL (sorry, couldn't help that one)

    By the way, I think you are just the cutest thing! I've never met you IRL...but I'm convinced you're just a sweetheart and VERY easy to love...with all of someones heart!

  8. I must be the loveliest woman on the planet b/c I eat nothing but salt and vinegar chips! they are the best! They make your breath so sexy! :)

  9. Could you make all chips "good" for you? I've been off them for a month now (WOO HOO me) and my baby fat is still here ... boo hoo! Hope you have a wonderful day Jude! Thanks for giving me a laugh!

  10. well .. you have just made me feel much better, as i am not the only bad blogger around ...
    i am going to try alot harder, and i am going to try post more creative stuff this week! hope all is good on your end of the world .... luv chanel