Wednesday, January 21, 2009

2009 Predictions...

So, I am a tad late, but there was never a promise of promptness on this blog, so here it is...

Jude's Annual List of Predictions:
first, the scrappy ones...

1. Sadly the stinking owl phase is still here. It is followed by the ever ridiculous mushroom phase... HOWEVER, both are being booted out of the Crapbooking Hall of Fame #1 position by this new arrival... PEACOCKS! Who ever looked at a peacock and said, "you know, I think these large plumed birds would be a great scrapbooking embellishment" was clearly ingesting the shrooms. Ugh, I mean, Peacocks? Really?? Technically the very name "peacock" contains two potty words.
Wait for it... there it is, the sound of shock and the open mouth, but you know its true.

2. Scrappers everywhere will drop their AC pens and grab the new Sharpies. Beth loves them, and I tried my friend Heather's out recently... they are great. Really, no sarcasm here, they are good. I mean it. No jokes. For real. I won't say anything about all the little scrappers sniffing their markers at crops either.

3.Wood Grain, wood grain, wherefore art thou wood grain letters? Well, I met the American Crafts Rep at Scrapfest and even came off my million dollar idea. I so want little wood letters, and was even willing to split the profit with the AC company 50-50... alas, I was told, wood was not acid free and hence, could not be marketed as an embellishment. Boo... plus do we really think that "CK Okay √ " can't be bought... right... and Hall of Fame is legit too...

4. Red is the new Black. I believe red is making its comeback this year. We have had enough orange, and though I love the citrusy shades, red is good too. Plus it is the name of my perfume. That last part is totally random and has nothing to do with aiding in the readability of this paragraph really...

5. Black and White Photos will be all the rage. Yeah, I totally just decided this recently, but I think, due to the over gratuitousness of color usage on papers, people will now opt for more black and white photos so they are not trying to "match" the colors of the picture to the paper. Weird, yeah, a little, but whoever said scrapbookers were normal... we PAY for ticket stubs for crying out loud! I am going to start heading to the dumpsters at the coliseum after concerts and make a killing... "Jude's authentic Junk" . Sweet.

So there you go... and now, here are some general predictions:

1. The world will stop obsessing about Michelle Obama's height after her husband's first year in office. She is really tall folks, get over it and stop comparing her to all the men she is meeting. ("Look at her towering over President Bush" , "Is she as tall as Joe Biden?" ) I would however like to see us establish talks with Cuba again just to see her stand next to Castro...

2. Brittany Spears will keep making "come back albums" and sadly, people will keep buying them... Come Back is a a SINGULAR word Brit...

3. I will learn that a clean potty 24/7 in a house with FOUR men and one toilet is an impossible task... and the fear of someone using my not perfectly clean potty will cripple me... sniff, sniff... someone hand me a Clorox wipe for my nose already!

4. Alden will stop calling milk "ma"... cause I know I am a dairy production goddess, but come on, this is a little insulting on some level. And YES, I egotistically referred to myself as a goddess, but really, people, if it is in reference to ones mammalian beverage producing abilities, is it ego or just lack of better things to brag about? I am a SAHM mom, what else could I be? The goddess of hiney wiping? laundry? pajama bottoms? Wait, I like that last one actually...

5. There is no 5. I only added it because there was 5 of the scrappy ones. So you can keep reading, but you should know, this is going nowhere really. I mean, I could throw in something in here, but then it would be a real #5, not a fake one, and I already told you it was fake so... let's just keep it that way eh?

Over and out peeps. I know, peeps is such the 2007 word, (picture that being said with a valley girl accent and slight hair toss.) but I like the word, and it is a good little Easter candy so... until I think of a new word for people, I say, if the owls can stick around, so can the peeps...

or the
olks... short for folks
ryone (pronounced "re-one") short for everyone
roops... short for group, but pluralized... nice!

A bit of the scrap stuff... all products are from Memorable Seasons... :)
And on the kidlet front...
This is Alden, AKA the fat dog.
This is Alden's fake laugh.
The fat dog knows it is cute.
The fat dog uses it well.
I love that fat dog.

And this one below was taken by my beloved Jen... she got the Nikon D40 from Santa. Is it wrong to steal from a friend?


  1. Ok, Jude, I LOVE this post. I actually L'dOL at your very first prediction. LOVE IT!!! Wait, I think it was the first one. The one about Peacocks (I'll never say that word again with laughing and thinking I should pop myself in the mouth for CUSSIN!) LOL

    Great predictions...we'll see what happens.

  2. SHOOT...I hate when I don't proofread first. I MEANT to say...I'll never say that word again withOUT laughing....! ARGH!! Carry on!

  3. You have destroyed the word "Peacock" what a beautiful animal! I actually like them, but didn't know they were the "it" animal for scrappers...see how dull and boring I am with my scrappying - however, my new house will have a room for just scrapbooking! I'm exciting. Will I actually get Parker (who is now 2.5) his first page! I'm so bad!

    Also, where can I find these sharpies for scrapbooking! I need these!!!!!!!! I have a fetish for sharpies. I own way too many but I don't think you can own too many...

  4. Anonymous11:24 PM

    OMGOSH...still laughing!!!

    should we stage a protest?? or tarr and "feather" ( o yeah pun intended here!!) the creators of said feathered embellishments??? we could pluck all those peacocks and owls!!!

    i'll grab the war paint...we's a going hunting!!!

  5. Laughing right now....I triple dog dare you to put a peacock right on your next layout :)

    And I say, screw AC, make your own wood grain alphas and sell them as your own...

    Great predictions!

  6. Love your predictions =)

    And man Alden is getting so big ... wasn't it just yesterday that we were both pregnant and in Denver?

    have a great day my friend!

  7. I don't think I can ever say the PC word again....never...I mean I see myself laughing my butt off when I do...if I do. Love the predictions, but really jude, Im sorry you dislike the owlies so much....I kinda like them hanging around...actually, I think I've used one once on a lo...that was sufficient.

    Last, not least....I see where Fat Dog gets his name from...I mean comon "milk Ma" what the H are you feeding that kid....Love you....

  8. Love the predictions. I'm one of those that really likes the owl. (gasp). I KNOW! But peacocks..not so much.

  9. you never fail to crack me up....oh goddess of hiney wiping...will have to check out the new, always

  10. ha ha ah...let me be the first to say, I are a goddess! And the predictions are good but I think the mushroom and owl are all kinds of wrong but the peacock....its kinda pretty and has one of my favorite potty words bahahahaha! I know I am sooo bad! but you printed it so i had to comment

  11. the word was "pee" as my mommy bladder is still in effect so take you rmind from the gutter:)