Monday, December 22, 2008

so, you wanna know...

You want to know why I am such a champion of blog slacktivity...
It is because my brain is gone.

For real.
No longer with us. (well, me)
Out of here.
Hit the road.
Adios Muchachos. (goodnight irene)

It is gone...
I now do things like this...
Mail packages to myself. Yeah, it is true. I addressed a priority box to my nephew, with his street address, and my town, state, and zip. I was grossly embarrassed when the lovely mail carrier that brought it back introduced himself to me... because we go to church together! ACK!!!!! I am sure I have just jumped to his "airhead list". The best part... in my trash in the office, there sits a correctly addressed mailing label. I threw it out and re-wrote it because it didn't look "neat" enough. Being anal, it really pays off. I had to take the box back and pay to mail it again...

see brain.
see brain go.
brain is gone.
bye brain...

Proof#2 -
I went to buy my lovely husband chocolate ice cream for his birthday. Well, thanks to my mother and her curious ways, I cannot take the front box,bottle,container, etc. of anything in any store at anytime. If I am buying deodorant, milk, butter, it does not matter... I reach past the first one and take the one behind it... or if we need to be really safe, I go two or three deep. Yep, sadly this even applies to greeting cards. (you think i am kidding... all of my sisters will vouch for me!) So.... I grab the chocolate ice cream behind the first one...

and got it home
and put it in the freezer
only to discover
it was butter pecan.

I have been married to a chocoholic long enough to know that vanilla ice cream laced with pecans is in no way, shape or form, a viable substitute for chocolate. Telling Micah my mistake was highly embarrassing.

So, in closing...
well, there is no closing, I already told you I lost my brain. I am certifiably stupid.
but i still remember how to upload scrap stuff...

These were all made with October Afternoon's Paper line called "WeatherVane" from Memorable Seasons. BTW, Jill is having a HUGE sale starting December 26th... go HERE for all the details! :)


  1. You do realize that with each child you add to your family a quarter of your brain disappears? And no... it never returns. So it's not your fault. You are operating on 25 percent brain power right now.

    Hey... what does that mean I am operating on? Negative 50 percent? Ouch. At least that may help Keith accept the new me.

    It's not our fault!!!!!

  2. oh my gosh that's funny! I do the exact same thing at the store. I never pick the item in the front. What is that about?!
    Here's hoping your brain comes back home! It's my Christmas wish for you! LOL!

  3. Anonymous7:57 PM i just spent the last 15 minutes catching up on your blog...dude...i say again, your blog needs to come with a disclaimer of sides splitting and guts aching :P!!!

    love all your acrappy creations...lets say your brain is not lost so much as misplaced right now...and really, who can blame you at this time of year??? i am sure we can justify it quite easily :D!!!

    hope you have a beautiful and merry christmas!!!

  4. I found your brain....I'm selling it on ebay as it's soo creative and crafty and brilliant!!!

    But thank god you knew how to upload those fantastic layouts!!! LOL

  5. Oh Jude! It's quite alright. It happens to the best of us, and you are the best. Love you and I hope that you get some much needed down time:)

  6. Anonymous4:31 PM

    mmm! My favorite! I will be sure to stop by and eat the butter pecan and trade him for some chocolate...hope it wont melt on the flight there!
    happy birthday Mrs.Jude ha ha

  7. I must have been off the computer for way to long to have missed THREE of your posts.

    Great fun...And Andy takes the items from behind also...hoping your brain returns soon (maybe you mailed it off somewhere sunny?)

  8. Anonymous10:02 PM

    Lol! I can't believe there's another person who's been trained never to take the first of anything off the shelf. My Papa taught my mom, and she taught me. And I'm pretty sure I'll be passing the tradition along. Hope you have a happy new year!!

  9. hey lady.
    miss you.
    happy new year.

  10. It's ok, sweetie! Anyone with more than one child is certifibly brainless! And you'll be glad to know that, I too, do not take the first one of anything in a store. A friend of mine taught me that years ago. AND, like you, I have also simply ASSUMED that the 2nd (or 3rd) item would be the same as the first. Not so much...

    Love ya anyways, my brainless friend! :-)