Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Other Mom...

So this boy has informed me that he has, and I quote... "My other Mom."

"Huh? Your what?" I asked.
"I have another mom. My other Mom is Joy." (he has an aunt by that name, but I have been informed that its not her. I am thinking it is the girl at the bank drive thru window who he calls Joy instead of Joyce. So, because she gives him lollipops, she gets to be the other mom. )

Then he follows up with...
"And Ma, I have two boys."
"Really?" I say... "Two boys of your own?"
"Yes, Ma. Their names are Ha-Her and Doh."
"So," I ask, "You have another Mom, Joy, and two boys named Ha-Her and Doh."
"yeah. They at our house."

Well, alrighty then. That makes a Mom feel loved. He is creating a whole imaginary family. He even started telling me little stories about Ha-Her and Doh. Then a few days ago, he lets me know that there has been a new addition to their family...
"Ma, I have a new baby at my house."
"You do???"
"Yeah, his name is three."
"no, Ma, Three."
"Three? Right? The name is three?"
"no, Ma, Three."
"Three, Three right? I am saying three Em."
"Mommy, mommy, mommy. You not listening to me. Say THREE"
"Yes, Ma, dat is it. "
So, The Other Mom Joy, Ha-Her and Doh, and Baby Three, there you have it... his other family. I wonder who he is spending the Holidays with?

This morning my Coffee was especially good... Here is why.

The girls in our church small group were all out to eat and we grabbed a StarryB's after dinner. I was in LOVE with the above mug. I resisted though. Do you know why? I have a mug. We have about 8 mugs actually, and that is plenty... I am afraid of mass mug accumulation. Why you may ask? Because of my Mom... She has MASSIVE amounts of mugs at her house, and there are lots or rules about their use. It became frustrating when we would visit and could find nary a speck of cupboard space for all the baskets of mugs. I mean, I literally got fuming mad at her at a yard sale one time because she insisted on buying a "Cute little mug with a great handle." It even has an obnoxious owl on it. She now keeps it just to torture me. Lisa Z and Rhonda, who are reading this from the snowy city of Buffalo can vouch for the Mom-Mug issue. Come on ladies leave a comment and validate my fears OK? She has gotten rid of some now, thankfully, but really... if the greater Western NY area wanted to drop in for coffee, she has enough mugs to get them all a cup...
So, that is why I could not purchase said mug. My friends however felt I should have the above beauty of a mug, and last night they presented it to me. I admit it, I love the handle, and it is huge and nice. Thanks girls... it made my day! I vow to discard one mug in its place though... I love my mom, but fear the mug disease is catching. :)

In other news... here are the beautiful pages that some blog pals made me for a scrapbook of Alden. It is beautiful and I LOVE it!! It sits on our entertainment center for all to see. :) Thanks Nicole for getting me these photos! :)

And that is all for now folks...


  1. hehe, a second family!! i am sure he prefers family no.1 :) the minibook is gorgeous!! I love yor mug, i got the same one for my mom!! :)
    merry christmas!!

  2. I am sure that you are still #1 in his book Mom, even to the second Mommy...

    I'm so glad you loved the pages...It was fun to make for you :)

  3. what a great picture of your "other" child. I'd love the know the pshyche of little boys. They're such strange little beings!

    Love the album, too. TFS.


  4. Hmmm, so, will you guys be moving to a larger home soon? I mean, WHERE are all those "new" folks gonna sleep anyway?? :-) Kids are so funny.

    Super cute mug! Jayla's teachers gave me a really nice mug for a Christmas gift. I love it. Maybe one day, our mugs can meet...hee hee.

    The album we made looks AWESOME! The pictures just really make it perfect. Thanks for sharing.

    Have a merry Christmas, my friend.

  5. I thought they were a little older when they got a second family! And just so you know I have a mug thing too ... I am very careful only to keep enough to fit in my mug shelf - I chucked a tonne of them when we moved here. So glad you liked the book - it was fun to make my page and neat to see them all together! Have a happy Christmas! Love Kim

  6. That guy is funny Jude! You will have to keep us informed on what he is up to with his other family!
    So, so glad that you love the was such a fun project to work on - especially knowing that it was going to you :)
    And yes I do have to say I have mug envy - I always drool over mugs but never buy them - that ones looks like a good one!

  7. That is just too funny! Where do all those other people sleep?
    The minibook is SO cute! What a lucky girl you are :)
    Oh, and I just got that same mug only from work. I love it!
    I think I might be inflicted with the mug disease...I have a whole cabinet full. :|

  8. love the mug...and i love that he has imaginary freinds...melana has a "princess" house and other siblings as well....they say that is the mind of a creative artsy fartsy kid...

    love love love your pages that was way cool

  9. so funny! thanks for putting a smile on my face today.

  10. How sweet of you to post that book on your blog. Adorable. I love the story...Kaitie used to do that...cracks me up...and have I ever told you the story of the wallpickle????? you my mother who cannot pronounce "three" properly will love it. I will email it to you. Love and Hugs, Merry Christmas friend.

  11. merry christmas Jude!!!

    congratulations on your son gaining a new family...LOL...he cracks me up and i say agin....he has your sense of humor!!!

    that is a beautiful mug and i wouldn't of resisted...i have a a mug fetish too...i love them...and i love collecting them...i know weird!!

    have a fabulous and merry christmas!!

  12. Great mug! Those scrapbook pages are nice of them. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  13. i'm afraid i'm a mugger too. i get a new mug every xmas. i am getting better at purging them...
    one of my friends has a little girl whose doll is named wagon. i love their little minds. and i don't think the lolli mummy can hold a candle to you, my dear.
    thanks for the treat package - it made my day :)
    merry xmas.

  14. The mug thing is especially funny to me because I just cleaned out our "mug" cabinet. I got rid of about a dozen and I still have 10 or 12.

    Happy Holidays!

  15. Ok, look...either you or that "other mom" need to do an update, LOL. I'm SURE you've got TONS of stuff to share with us considering Christmas was earlier this week.

    Alright, I'm sorry. It's just so much fun giving you a hard time...carry on!!

    LOL :-D.

  16. Anonymous3:04 PM

    Hi Jude- Sorry... I hadn't been keeping up with your blog and I didn't realize that you were looking to me to verify that Arline is mug-obsessed. But, in fact, she is! She even "requires" specific mugs when she comes to my house. Oddly, I considered buying her a mug (from S-bucks) for her recent birthday, but I knew that Sharon would disown me as a friend if I did.

    It was fun catching up on your blog.

    Ronda in Chilly Buffalo

  17. Anonymous9:50 PM

    Hey Judi-
    So Sorry this comment is soooo late, but my computer died in december and with X-mas on its way at the time I had to wait for a new one! Just catching on your blog , and yes I can Vouch for Poor Arlines mug obession, and sadly I'm sorry I have added to it myself!! Hope all is well, and hopefully we'll see you and Jen for a scrap/stamp weekend soon!
    Very Cold in Elma