Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Okay, okay, I am alive!!

Yes, I realize I have been a total slacker with the blog updates. Be prepared, as this one will contain a plethera of pictures and useless information about me and my current goings on.

First, the Fat Dog Update...
Alden is growing like a weed! He is so cute and snuggly. I love to take him for his naps cause he really does snuggle into you, and he is all rolly polly. :) He hardly ever fusses unless he is tired or hungry and if you take care of that, he is back to smiley boy. Here is his November mini book. It has been done, just not posted.

And here is the fat dog himself...

and the two proud brothers...

We got our tree up and decorated. I didn't even know you could fit 8 ornaments on a single branch. I think the words "Calm Down" and "wait" were said oh, like 4,532 times. I would have liked to put a tree in the boys room but Old Emerson is so curious these days. He is very mechanical, likes to take things apart, eat them, etc. So, he will either be an engineer, builder, or that weird guy at the circus who eats car parts and glass and stuff. I get all teary eyed thinking of the pride swell and the free peanuts...

In other Christmas news...
Here is my mini book's cover.

It is a cool book that Beth sent me and I am so glad I can work on it now that this

book is done. If you want to see the Thanksgiving one all done and pretty I put it in my FLickr show on the right. ----->

And Lincoln aka the Grinch declared a couple weeks ago "Mom, I know Santa is not real." Now, I know this happens, but man, we were watching Rudolph for goodness sake! We have never made a big deal out of Santa, like "You better be good or Santa won't come." kind of thing. So, I asked him "How do you know that?"

His reply, "Mom, it is just a man in a costume..." complete with the my-mom-is-so-lame eye roll. Alrighty then...
So, we have a long chat about NOT telling other kids this as it will spoil their fun and it is between them and their parents when they find this info out. I even try the whole, besides, gifts and Santa are fun and we enjoy them, but you know Christmas is really about Jesus' birth. I explain how even if there were no presents under the tree we would still be able to be happy because of Christ's birth. Now, I am giving myself the ol' spiritual pat in the back. You know the one that says, (a bit too pridefully.) I am so good, I am instilling the true meaning of Christmas, he gets it. This is so cool and non commercialized. I think I hear the Its A Wonderful Life Theme playing in the background...

Well... that pride is BUSTED when ones young son informs the kids at school that Santa is dead and if you love him you do not love Jesus and God cause they are what Christmas is all about. NICE! That's my boy... I had no idea he would interpret my talk this way. I felt like such a bad parent. We had another looong talk, and it included a chat about judging others, ruining things for others, etc and no ice cream at the coffee shop. Let me tell you, that was one pitiful face to see...watching his brother get ice cream. I think the Easter bunny is safe now ... :)
So... I am out of here before this one doesn't get posted... and Dawn, you better be the first commenter! LOL.


  1. Ok, Ok....I'm here...SHEESH!!!

    Can't believe you called me out like that! :-)

    Anyhoo...my inquiry about an update from you were merely to make sure you're alright. Yeah, that's what it was! lol Glad you are. And it appears that you're sitting around, doing NOTHING but being a...MOM! (That sounds just as ridiculous when I say it!) :-)

    I love your Santa story. My Jayla informed me at the age of 4, and if you're keeping up, that was a WHOLE 2 years ago, that there is "NO" Santa. She said, "C'mon mom, how can one man buy THAT many plane tickets and fly EVERYwhere in one day?...that's just KWAZY!!" :-)

    So there you have it...no Santa in our house :-)

    Thanks for posting. I've missed you. Glad you're doing well. And oh my goodness, that Alden is ADORABLE!!!

  2. Laughing SO hard at this post. The chubby little baby got my giggly, and then the free peanuts had my chuckling pretty hard and then Lincoln...that's hilarious.

    That sucks that he figured it out so young...

    Glad you're up and posting. I'll look for another up date in a month or two. ;)

  3. HAHAHAHAHA! Too funny!!! He is GROWING! your projects look fantastic!!!

  4. Love this post! Your mini's are great! Are you doing a mini a month for Alden? Wow are you ever a good mama! We never believed in Santa ... the whole Jesus is the reason thing but Matt did so we are doing the Santa thing ... not sure how I feel about it. Still chuckling about your son "ruining" it for everyone and how you got the Easter Bunny's job security back! Have a great day Jude! Kim

  5. we aren't much of a santa house either - but KWB did try to tell the neighborhood last year that santa is a fraud. NICE & oh so neighborly.
    glad to see you are all well - esp. alden who looks remarkably well fed and gloriously healthy.

  6. jude...you're awesome! that's all. happy wednesday!

  7. SO funny...be sure to share the peanuts when you get them. I love peanus :)

    The baby is cute...chunk and all!! ANd the mini albums are great!!

  8. ha ha how old is Lincoln, Saadiq still thinks Santa is coming and I have had to come up with some off the cuff stuff to explain some things like that we do not have a chimney and I wont even go into the other details!! ;) I love your story and you are not a bad mommy, you are right it is not about the gifts or decorations but the birth of Christ.
    loving all of your projects too!! ;)

  9. oh your books are fantastic!!
    I love the mini one of alden...girl i could eat him up..makes me want to have another one...NOT!!!! i'll just oooh and aghhh over yours...

    and i am glad to see your talk with lincoln went over so nice!! ;)

    happy holiday's girlie

  10. I am so inspired that yu have 3 kiddos (one a new baby) and you are cranking out mini books! My crafty plans for Christmas this year have pretty much gone out the window, thanks to the joys of the first trimester. But I have hopes for next Christmas after viewing your blog!

    And your little boy is a hoot, that is too funny. Have you guys seen The Polar Express? I believe in Santa again after watching that movie. :)

  11. o...ahem...*cough* *cough*..sputter...okay i think all the laughing is done...wait...yup..i'm good!!! LOL!! seriously...i love the school interpretation of what christmas is about..that cracked me up..you know that boy has your sense of humor, hey??!!

    gotta love those mama smacks up side the head...a good daily dose of reality...ahh...love kids!!

    your mini of alden is super cute!! and he is super adorable!!

    have a fabulous thursday...ciao!!

  12. Yeah! You're alive! :) 1st Alden is not a fat dog...he's a super cutie! That's great he's such an easy baby. Ok and then the whole circus kid? OMGosh you are so hilarious! That is so funny! LOL!
    Santa-wow too bad he found out so soon. But hey, good for him for standing up for what he believs in!

  13. ohhh Jude....sorry but I can here your voice in my head as I am reading this and I am totally cracking up!

    Love Mr. Rolley Polley....He is just so cute!

    And you call Beth the mini Album queen? What are you the princess? Love them all!

  14. OMGosh, Alden is so pudgy!! I wanted Drew to be pudgy but picking her up now would be murder, I guess... He is so adorable.
    Santa story--that is so funny. (Funny, too, I was just giving myself the ole spiritual pat on the back cuz I remembered to tell Drew about Jesus' Birthday--hehhehe)

    Where did he get "Santa is dead!"??? lol----A creative storyteller, is he? :]

  15. ROFLMBO. I cannot believe he told the other kids that. OM Gosh kids are tooooooo funny. That rocks...but I love the second talk, and don't be too sure about the Easter bunny...Just when you think you are safe, they come out with something else. He sounds a little like his funny mom too.

    Girl, how do you carry that rolly polly adorable kid around. He's huge. Cute, but huge. Aw well, ya know, I think chubby babies are a lot better off then skinny ones. Thanks for the post finally. I've been itching for some judeism's. Love and hugs.

  16. O man....talk about BUSTED! That's strait up shocking :o But girl...they always find out always! :)

    And your little on is the chubbiest, cuttest, little darling in the WORLD! Day...I am tellin' ya...I will KISS THOSE CHEEKS!!!!!!!!

    Mad love to you and your gorgeous family! Happy Holidays ^---^,


  17. holy crap we were starting to worry! We thought the la leche league had snatched you up and locked you in a basement somewhere pumping milk for unfortunates!
    Hey, you should post the baby album pages when you get them done! I would love to see everyones!@ None of us posted cuz it was a surprise.

  18. Oh no, Santa can't be dead!!! I can't believe he went and told the other kids that! :-)

    Delaney believed until last year and she is now 11. I have very believing children! (And now we have Sydney, at 3, so we get to keep on believing for her! YAY!)

    And Alden is SO cute!!!!! I love that mini book for him!