Thursday, December 21, 2006

A little non holiday to share...

So, my sister Patti and I decided not to buy gifts for eachother or our spouses and kiddos this year. We both felt the holidays should not be about the gifts... HOWEVER... her idea of us NOT exchanging gifts was to give the boys all giftcards to, and me an iPod... I think we should NOT exchange gifts more regularly. Now,she probably already had these items when I brought up the no gifts, but being the gracious and generous person she is, she agreed. (Cause she could've said... "No, dummy... I've already shopped for you guys..." But she is not like that. Clearly I am since the thought even crosses my mind...) ANYWAY... (wow, I am so long winded... at least I can cherish that I will never be called "curt"...I think its a weird little word anyway... but, I digress...) Soooooooo.... I was going to make them this for Christmas anyway, but put it off, but after the no-gift gifts, I decided to go ahead and get it to them... If you are Patti stop reading this... it will ruin your NGG (that is No-Gift Gift in case you missed it...) It is one of those Maya Road chipboard books... it gets all big and fat once you have everything in it, so I couldn't even close it. I tied it all up with some cool ribbon though. I did NOT sand the photos... I did however sand all the stickers, the circle journal spots, and such... :) OK, more holidayish stuff soon okay... plus I am going to show you all a lovely little RAK I recieved... it deserves it own post though so... bye for now...


  1. So presh Jude! Love it!! Yes, I am offering to make some. I have tons of those monogram letters and Im dying to use them up! Perfect project for them. Just let me know and Ill get back to you on the info I need to make it (fav colors, letter used, etc) xoxo

  2. Totally awesome! I love that "No Gift Gift." Don't you love sisters and how well the keep promises. This is exactly how my sister & me interact, except I'd probably be Patti in this story

  3. I am coming back to read your blog but I wanted to let you know that I finally made the chirstmas gifts for my daughters day care!!

    See here!

  4. Such a cute book Jude!! Wish it could be my no gift gift too :)I LOVE gifts like this - although the funny thing is that I'm always giving them...hope everyone on my list thinks their as great :)
    Have a wonderful Christmas!! Nicole

  5. Ok. Where do I start? Let's start with the boys. They are so stinkin' gorgeous! All three of them! Hee hee. Even though Emerson is camera shy. I want to see more of that face!
    Your mini album is amazing! I would faint if anyone ever made me something so beautiful and so special. Your sis is a lucky duck!
    I'm jealous that you went to Disney and didn't invite me. ;o)
    Your photography skills are phenomenal! I love your sense of humor. You're a great writer. Always bring a smile to my face when I read your little quips. That's a strange word too. Ha.
    Here's a pin so you can deflate your big head. ROFLMBO....

  6. I love this altered project! Thanks for playing! Make sure to send your friends my way! Click here!

    Happy Holidays!

  7. It's so fresh!
    just the colors I like!
    it's so good!!!


    {ThE fReNcH tOuCh}

  8. adrienne11:43 AM

    Oh Jude, this is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

  9. Patti will LOVE IT! Yes, I did follow the NGG. Thank you for following it too!

  10. I was doing a bit of blog surfing & came across your blog after reading Chanel's. Wow - I just love your layouts!! I hope you have a great New Years. Simone xxoo