Thursday, November 14, 2013

Hey, Target... it's not too late.

I am not going to address this as a "Dear Target" letter...
I am highly doubting the CEO will be reading the rantings of
a crazy redheaded mom of three wild boys.
But they should.
Because this crap matters.

I was slightly aghast when I saw this story:

Really Target?
8 pm on Thanksgiving?
Wow, I guess you really are striving to be the Walmart of the middle class.
I am disappointed.
Why couldn't you just wait a few more hours?

Costco did.
I commend them.
And I gotta tell ya'... I plan on buying as many of my Christmas gifts there now instead.
I said it.
Target, you're out this holiday season.

But it's not too late!
Target... you CAN still back up and punt!
Pay those employees anyway, the ones assigned to work on that day.
Run TV ads with the change to close instead on Thanksgiving.
Do you realize what a GOLDMINE of good advertising you have here???
If you will just do the right thing.
I for one would show up (um, admittedly in the afternoon) and spend MORE if you did.
And eh... isn't that kind of the point? 

So I implore you dear, dear, dear, Target... please.
Close on Thanksgiving.

And Mr. and Mrs. Shopper... you DO have a choice where you spend your dollars.
What are you saying with yours? 

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