Monday, October 07, 2013

Thank You Amy...

If you have looked at Facebook in the last week, you have likely seen
links about the government shut-down, quotes from famous people,
and cute pictures of fall activities.

This morning, I saw something that made me profoundly thankful.
This was my friend Amy's status:

As a mom of three boys... Thank you.

Thank you for being willing to be the "bad guy" and make sure your daughter is dressed modestly.
Thank you for wanting to her mom, rather than her pal.
Thank you for helping me, by keeping your girls modest.

In return, I promise...
To make sure my boys know how to treat a girl with respect.
To not let them think young girls are there for them to ogle and cat call.
To teach them to keep their hands off.
To not let them watch TV, Internet, or any other visual media that makes women nothing more than sexual objects.
To not let them listen to music that demeans or talks about women and their bodies.
To teach them it is NOT just about keeping someone from getting pregnant, but rather it is about keeping someone pure and respectable.

So, to all the moms out there willing to do battle to keep their girls covered up, thank you.
I promise to do my part as a mom of boys as well.
After all, we are all in this together.

So, to Amy, and all the other moms in the trenches ... thank you.


  1. Jude!!! Thanks for your commitment in raising your boys in purity and and integrity. You're a good mama! I'm doing the same with our 4. It's so tough. Trusting God for wisdom!

  2. Ditto! It's hard to keep boys' eyes shielded from everything, but having moms of girls that are willing to play the bad guy helps SO MUCH!

  3. I am soooo super glad it's not just me!! Ughh...I am constantly telling my daughter to pull down her shirt over her butt and not because she wants it above her butt but because the poor thing is well endowed when it comes to her butt and her clothes just don't seem to simply hang on her like other little girls who wear leggins with belly tops and seem to have no problem.

    Just yesterday at Hip Hop class she had a shirt on that was perfect for dance class but I wouldn't let her wear it out anywhere else while coupled with the leggins she had on. I just wanted her to be able to move, dance and breath but every time she did the stretch routines her belly showed and I felt so bad for her as I could clearly see she was uncomfortable...but it let me know that after years of saying pull down your shirt over your butt she has already begun to feel what's comfortable and what isn't in terms of where he shirt falls over her hips and butt....