Friday, February 08, 2013

I missed the birds...

I failed this morning.
Lest you think the title is related to
my using the "bird", it is not.
(though as a youngster I was constantly flipping off other
drivers in defense of my mom... this was unbeknownst to her. She could never figure out
all those blowing horns or nasty glares. Hey, if you drive so bad an 8 year old
has to shoot you the bird, you are the problem.)

Back to this morning.
The boys went out to wait for the bus.
Em calls in "Mom, come look, there's BIRDS!"

I sighed.
I was reading an article on xanthun gum.
What is xanthun gum, and why is it in our food?

I looked at Micah, who is only home at bus time on Fridays,
and said, "Can you go look at the birds?" It was definitely said with
an air of  "I get to 'go look' at everything, every morning, when you are not
here. Your turn." I didn't say that, but that was the spirit of my keeping my arse firmly
planted in front of the computer.

I am reading about food additives, I justified.
To make THEM healthier.

Micah, who knew not my inner mommy debate, came back in and said, "You should've
seen him. Emerson was out there watching those birds with a sketch pad in his hand,
 drawing them as fast as he could. It was awesome."

I grabbed my camera, eager to capture the moment.
"Oh, sorry bud, he is already done."

So whilst I read an article, that will be available online forever, or until the internet blows
up from too many photos of Kim Kardashian's backside, I missed it.


I missed watching Emerson in a moment where he was
showing us a glimpse of himself, one of his passions.
For an article on xanthun gum.

Mamas, don't miss the birds.


  1. Jude, don't do this to me. I mean, do. But maybe give me fair warning with the title or some such, like perhaps, HEY, I AM ABOUT TO TELL THE WORLD ALL ABOUT YOUR CRAPPY SELFISHNESS AND USELESS REMORSE. Yeah, that would have helped as a title. But then I probably wouldn't have read it, so never mind...

  2. Oh I the culprit on the Xanthum Gum? I just had to ask the all wise Chrissy about on Twitter. :-/

  3. Aw...don't feel too bad...I get it though...I want back the hour I wasted reading about nitamicyn in cheese and then the various articles about the pollution in China...internet...