Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Burger of the Week

In my last post I mentioned that one of our family's summer "things" was going to be a new/different burger each week. Some folks have asked if I would write down the burgers we made, so here they are... at least the ones I remembered to photograph before scarfing them down!

It started with this burger, that my friend Derek snapped a photo of when we were all cooking out together.

Traditional Cheeseburgers
I know, this isn't exactly exciting, but I didn't want to go too extreme right off the bat.

Next up: Bacon and Guacamole Burgers.
Oh.My.Word. These were easily our favorites, and I made them more than once!

And next... The Mushroom Swiss Burger.
 My least favorite. Micah and Emerson loved it.

We also tried: The Bleu Cheese Burger.
I wish I had mixed some of the bleu cheese in with the burgers, and even melted some a bit more to put on top. Live and learn I guess.

And if course, last week's: Onion Ring and Special Sauce Burgers.

Now we had a few others in there that I forgot to photo, or were repeats (like the bacon and guac ones!) or that we ate in a restaurant.  The boys loved this new tradition and I plan on doing it again next year too :)  My biggest lesson learned was that the best meat is the 80/20 beef. I NEVER normally but this kind, I get the extra lean that doesn't even need to be drained of oil when you brown it. I tried that in one of our first attempts... um... did you know that burgers need some fat? Those things were so dense it was like chewing a giant meatball. Yuck.  So, over the winter I will search for some new burger recipes to try next summer... YUM!

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  1. Oh my gosh. Seriously. I am a burger fanatic. BIG TIME...I am drooling! I love that first pic with you in the background! :)