Wednesday, April 18, 2012

living the first day...

Sometimes I am  perplexed by the things my children say to me.
 "Mom can I have chocolate on my beans?"
"Mom, why can't you go pee outside?" and
"Mom, do lightbulbs make fire?"
Yeah, we have some lively conversations here at the ol' casa.

Today was no exception. I stopped Em and told him I needed a hug and some "schmootsies".  He obliged and when I told him "I love you." He said, "I love you too, and my heart remembers you."
I stopped, "What do you mean by that?"
"Well," he explained, "When you die, in about a few decades, I will remember you in my heart."
While I was not quite happy with his math estimate, we started a talk about the fact that death could come ANY day, at ANY time. I was thinking I was making some profound impressions on my middle child. I ended with the ever popular, "That's why we should live each day as if its our last."  BAM! Mom pat on the back. Good talk.

He paused and replied, "No Mom. That's why we should live each day like its our first..." 

Think of how excitedly you approach "firsts" in life.
First days of school, first day as a parent,
first day at a new job, on vacation, etc. 
We get ramped up and ready for those first days.
Em is on to something here.

As for his reaction to my shock and awe... 
He just sauntered out of the kitchen with his grapes
and a grin.


  1. SMART KID!! Love that perspective.

  2. SMART KID!! Love that perspective.

  3. sometimes i think kids ability to see things in such simple form makes them so much wiser than adults, you know? ;-) makes you wonder at what point did we lose it?

  4. Anonymous5:15 PM

    my man...

  5. i love it!!
    (and now i'm also wondering what corey asked too!)

  6. He's a smart one, that's for sure.
    I feel like I should embroider that and hang it up where I'll see it every day...

  7. Oh Jude!!! So glad you recorded that convo-really really sweet!!! :)

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