Monday, May 24, 2010

I want to eat some cat food...

OK, that title may be the PMS talking, but after seeing this commercial for the first time, I am seriously contemplating trying this,rather than midol, mixed drinks, and scream therapy to combat mood swings.

Watch here:

I saw this today and thought, what is this? Kitty Crack? The can opens and the cat jumps through some hallucinogenic portal to a land of dancing turkeys and chickens? I mean really, does no one else think this is like watching a kitty acid trip? I think they should change the background music to some Amy Whinehouse... ok, that was a little joke. tiny. teeny. itsy bitsy.

It did make me wonder though... at times, Micah has asked how my fatherless and well, weird upbringing affected me. Not too much I usually answer. I don't recall feeling especially oppressed. Now, now I remember eating (and getting scolded for) the Friskies as a small child and have to wonder... maybe I wasn't so tough and resilient... maybe I was just trippin' through the years on Kitty Food... ?


  1. ROLFLOL!! i totally thought the same thing when I saw this commercial!

  2. wow. this is "trippy" at it's best!

  3. HI! I've missed you! Just wanted to say hi. I won't ask any crazy questions about how you and the family are doing. I will try real soon and get caught up via your blog. But I wanted to say hello! Hope you're doing well. HUGS!!

  4. WOW! I am glad you shared this...and I say execs in marketing should lay off the cat nip!

  5. my husband asks me about my fatherless upbringing as's hilarious!

  6. =)
    thanks for the laugh Jude!