Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ten for Tuesday...

Here we go again with another little list of Ten on a Tuesday. Only this time, it is actually, Tuesday.
1. I got a $1 subscription to Rolling Stone from Amazon.com... I wasted a dollar.
2. After reading John Mayer's ridiculous self centered (ok, man part centered) article in aforementioned Rolling Stone, I have realized I will never listen to his music. He is not cool weird, he is borderline perv weird. Maybe he and Roman Polanski can be friends.
3. I have been a good girl and eating eggs for breakfast. I still drink coffee too, but now I count that sugar laden beverage as my carb. Go team.
4.I didn't make it through all of the movie Shakespeare in Love. I have the opinion of movies that I have of books. If I can stop watching (reading) and forget to finish, it was not that good to begin with. E-mail me if I have missed something great.
5. Rental cars smell like cigarettes and old lady, not a winning combination.
6. I miss salt and vinegar chips. Alot. My tongue is not sure what all this healthy crap is I keep eating...
7. My Excursion was totaled earlier this month. I will miss that Green Beast.
8. Lincoln took a shower, lotioned and dressed himself completely alone last week. I almost cried at the boyish independence of it all, and I am hiding the lotion so he at least has to ask me where it is.
9. I love snuggling with my Micah. Head over heels I am for that boy. (and PS his neck still smells lovely and makes me swoon.)
10. God smacked me with a 2x4 on Sunday and it hurt. Truth in love can be like that...
Happy Tuesday folks. I leave you with lots of scrappy stuff. I am trying to make a LO a day in January. These are some of them. All products are from Memorable Seasons.


  1. loving all your scrappy stuff.
    sorry to hear about the green beast but i am glad everyone is ok.

  2. You didn't miss anything with Shakespeare in Love.. in my opinion. Old ladies and cigarettes... ew! Hope you find something soon. Love the LO's!

  3. This was a great list. Perfect balance between witty and matter of fact. Love it. And those pages are great!

  4. I am so very disappointed that John Mayer is a scumbag.

    Eggs for breakfast? Can you put icing on eggs?

    LOVE all your layouts. I want to scrap. I've been so busy keeping busy that I haven't had a chance to sit and scrap lately. That's not entirely true...I scrapped last night, but didn't finish a single page 100%. I never leave pages unfinished.

    Anyways, I've been thinking about you. I hope the 2X4 Godsmack turns out okay.


  5. A fabulous list and fabulous art! I so want to scrap some time soon ... after I get some sleep!

  6. lol...I knew I'd be in heaven back here! Those layouts are stunning! And I almost peed reading about those crazy tweets lol!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Love the scrappy goodness. You did not miss anything in Shakespeare in Love. I am soooo sorry about the Green beast...that sucks. No comment on scumbag....sorry Mayer. Totally with you on rental cars. I love the smell of baby neck. Marley has a ways to go before she is old enough to out grow that, and I am so thankful for that. Hugs. Oh...go team.

  8. I disagree with #1. That first issue I got with those pics of Taylor Lautner.. totally worth $1. :)

    Love your pages!!

  9. first of all so jealous of all your scrappiness!!! need to get on that.

    also heard an excerpt of that john mayer interview...weird!

    hopefully the car shopping is going well!

  10. you crack me up friend. Salt & Viney miss you too. I am so happy you had the green beast to save the family. i think a replacement may be in order. Love the scrappy goodness!!!