Monday, August 10, 2009

Mamas don't let your babies grow up to wear skinny jeans...

No, I am not kidding.
I am laying down the law, and putting it out here into blogland for all to see...
I will never, yes I am saying NEVER allow my sons to wear skinny jeans.
Now, I can say this because in all likelihood, by the time they are old enough to question the clothes I purchase them, skinny jeans will be so over.
But... for now, they are being purchased by too many young men in America.
I plan on making this the hill I am willing to die on. I think it will work since I plan on being the mom who will be okay with funky hair cuts and colors. I will rock out with my kiddos, providing the lyrics have nothing to do with sex, drugs, or hating your mama. I will let them have dessert first sometimes, and not freak out when it is time for "the talk". (ok, that last one is so not true. I still do not call body parts their correct name, and cannot ever imagine doing so with a straight face. It will surely be a giggle laden talk. ) With all that, I am hoping and praying that the harsh forbidding of skinny jeans will be overlooked.
Why, you may wonder am I taking such a hostile stance against the skinny jean...
Well, here is a list of reasons, in no particular order...
**They are made for girls. Look at Audrey Hepburn... now think, did ANY of her leading men wear the same jeans as her? I think not! "Darling, toss me your jeans, and let's go on a Roman Holiday!" Um, no...
**They make boys look like girls.
**Boys have smaller butts than girls and thus, the skinny jean is just a slap in the face with their metabolic rate superiority.
**They make a boys feet look big and floppy and awkward. Teenage boys are already awkward enough.
**Muffin tops and boys are even scarier than muffin tops and girls.

I have also heard that older men are now embracing the skinny jean... this is disturbing on many levels. First of all, that metabolic superiority, it is over for the older adult male, and second of all... EEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWW. Not to mention, ladies, really... if you are out with your man and he has to defend you, how tough does he come off looking whilst wearing skinny jeans? I think the force of the punch is directly proportional to the fit of the jean and how manly the derriere looks.

So, I am officially going public with my hatred of the skinny jean.
Who agrees with me? If you love the skinny jean, raise your hand.
(crickets chirping...) yep, no one. I thought so...

Oh, and by the way, I am getting hits on here from Wasilla, Alaska... Sarah Palin, is that you????
On to some creativity then...
Well, first some Mommy reflectivity actually...
This boy. He is five now. He will start school soon. You would think that a kid who is so rough and tumble would be all, "school... see ya' mom!" Um... no. Poor Hadji, he and Lincoln were talking about school in the car and he got all teary eyed and choked up and said, "um. I fink, i will not like school. I fink, I will (gulp, and voice cracking) I fink I will miss my mom all day wong." The head is buried in the hands. I was shocked, and again, we have evidence that Hadji is not as tough as he seems.

Memory Blocks... you take a 6x6 picture, cut it up into 2x2 squares and decoupage it on the blocks.I left one side blank to write witty quotes about family and such... it is still blank. You can interpret that however you see fit.
A challenge for Memorable Seasons. I wanted people to scrap without a photo, mine is a grocery list written by Lincoln. I have not moved into the not-embarassed-to-take-a-photo-in-the grocery-store-category yet. Yet...

Seriously, this is Hadji's stuffed dog. This was my first time "babysitting" her... I got lots of instructions. LOTS. We went over food allergies, sleeping schedule, and even behavioral issues... the pay stunk.
My little fat dog is in the matchbox car phase. I am not sure if I can handle all this growing up. Micah knows it is greatly affecting my ability to stay the course on the "we're done having babies" topic.


  1. I hate the skinny jean trend on guys. JUST AWFUL! your projects look great!

  2. i'm with you on the skinny jeans. i loathe them. i think they are even worse when paired with toms shoes. have you seen those. they're like socks with soles. bleh.

    secondly, i would like to point out, that it was necessary for lincoln to draw some of the items on the grocery list. what if, *gasp!*, you brought home straight pretzels, instead of twists? where's the fun in that???

    thirdly, i want memory blocks. make me some.

  3. oh my. I hate the skinny jeans too. And really girl or boy...unless you're a size 2, then 'skinny' jeans are just a lie and irrelevant. Know what I mean? LOL!

  4. No man I know wears skinny jeans ... either I'm hopelessly out of fashion, or Red Deer is, or well maybe we are just smart. hee hee

    Love all that creativity! And I'm glad that Hadji doesn't want to go to school ... Joel starts playschool in the fall and I can barely keep from misting up!

    Have a great day Jude!

  5. Oh I have so much to say about this post. I have NO respect for any man-boy who will shove his legs through a skinny jean leg hole. NONE. My boys will go pantless if they even think to suggest girl clothes for their attire of choice. You're a better mom than me, though, b/c I'm not going for the funky hair either. If my kids try to go Goth on me, we're gonna have issues.

    Secondly, your Sarah Palin comment had me LOL, for real.

    I started to choke up at the thought of Em being 5 and then you had to go and post his quotes about missing you and burying his face in his I love that kid. Love his dog instructions too. Too funny, that one.

    AND LASTLY, go for four. Seriously, if the thought of being done makes you sad, it totally justifies having another. Micah, don't hate me.


  6. Ok...I'm right there with you on the hatred of skinny jeans...but my 14 yr old has a pair..that I unknowingly bought for him...See he is a tiny 14 yr old, undersized (still wears size 10-12. I bought the pants because they said slim...LOL, We raz him know for wearing them....He says they are skater jeans, bless his lil heart.
    Your creativity was awesome as usual...I love those photo blocks!

  7. Alright, my friend...I am right there with you on the whole skinny jeans deal. They are HIDEOUS!!! And for the record, I'm not that fond of them on girls. And I'm sure these feelings have NOTHING to do with the word "skinny" not being part of my vocabulary. I'm just sayin...

    Being a "woman of color" as well as a woman with plenny of junk in my trunk...skinny jeans will never find a home on this body.

    Ok, enough about that :-). Your LO's look great! I actuall have one of those wooden memory block thingies. A friend gave one to me for my birthday last year. I have yet to "alter" it though. The wood smells funny :-).

  8. oh emerson.
    it will be alright!

  9. make room on that hill for me to die along with you!!! what idiot fanshionista said it was ok for males to wear skinny jeans!! Off with their heads!! YUCK!!!!

  10. And while we're at it...I hate saggy saggy pant also...I mean sagging where the waist is down around the thighs!!! LOL

  11. Did that memory block thingy come with instructions? I wouldn't mind trying the entire thing from scratch...I mean cutting the wood myself and everything....but I can't figure out if you put the picture over all the blocks and then cut or cut the picture first and stick it on each block???? Thanks

  12. Don't go for number four...just add three and go double or nothing. We can have matching limos.

  13. skinny jeans should just be burned...along with the boy who is wearing them.

  14. I will let my sons wear skinny jeans before I will! LOL! As long as "I" am not required to wear them, we're all good. Not that I could ever fit in "skinny" jeans.

    I got ur little card RAK ready but lost everyone's email addy when a virus wiped out my MS outlook.

    Write me back w/ your snaily!


  15. okay, who said it was okay to make skinny jeans--because for one, my butt is dang big for them--two, my thighs and hips are too big for them--three, they don't make them in a size 18--and if they did--i'll personally kick them in the groin--how dare you make something us thick divaz can't wear--and i wouldnt wear them if i had to hold my breff to get them ova my hips--or wear spnadex to slim me down a inch---my next question is this, HWURR THE HECK HAVE YOU BEEN?--gonna hafta change your name to WALDO--lol--goood to hear from you sis--keeep in touch--oh yeah, stop at karla's blog--shes having s online workshop soon---miss ya and love ya much gurli-poopoo!!!

  16. I HATE SKINNY JEANS even on girls. They just don't look right period. Howevr, like you, I'd much rather see them on girls than on a guy.

    How ya been darlin? I'm counting down, 4 weeks to being a granma!!!!!