Saturday, February 04, 2012

Photo Canvas ala iPhone

You all know I love photos.
I almost always have my phone with me,
so many of our memories get captured via
the iPhone.
I recently used a great app called "PostalPix"
to order 60, yes 60 prints from my phone.
They are 4x4.
I heart the throw back 4x4 size. Did you
ever have a camera that printed you a 4x4 and two smaller 2x2's?
We did, and I cherish those little bits of memory heaven.

So I got an idea, and a canvas, and some mod podge.
I got busy uploading some photos to PostalPix. Then... got to work...
(this is similar to the canvases I made for Christmas gifts. See those HERE. )

here is the canvas, yep, 24x36. Enough for 54 glorious photos.

Next you will need my friend and yours, Mod-Podge. We heart some mod podge round here.
Next choose your photos and lay them out the way you want them to look on the canvas. I sort of forgot to take a photo of this step, so use your imagination. Then set them aside in six little stacks of nine, in the proper order of the row. Oh how this made my little OCD heart grin.

Then, spread that whole bad boy over with some mod podge. While it was drying I painted my edges black. Make sure you "cheat"  onto the main canvas area about ¼ in or so. I missed going far enough in on a few places, and had to break out a fine tipped paint brush to fix it.

Then, start your adhering... I don't advising trying to paint a whole row across with the mod podge, go photo by photo. and be patient... if you move to the next one too quickly, your hands will be playing a game of Twister to hold them down.

keep on trucking along. I should also note, the canvas may be a bit lacking when you get to that final photo. I almost freaked out on the first row, until I realized, the frame on the last few photos could all be trimmed, just a touch, to make it work. All canvases stretch just a bit differently, so you may not have to do this.

Once that is dry, you do the scariest step of all... mod podge over the top of all your precious photos. You need to work quickly.

This is also where you may ask your eldest son to snap a photo of you working, and then remember, he is 9, so warn him "No booty shots pal."

 And... the finished product!

And someday this wall will be painted one of the groovy shades I have picked out, and this canvas will have a proper display of vintage goodness surrounding it. Until then, use your imagination and send a floor sander our way...


  1. very, very cool! I'm going to need to do this soon!
    how much do you think your total cost was? how much were the postal pics?

  2. Love Love Love!! Seriously LOVE!

  3. I love it. It´s a great idea. Thanks for sharing!!!!

  4. Anonymous11:22 PM

    dude this rocks!!! will be definitely "borrowing" this one!!

  5. love, love, love this! I'm gong to do it with some of my Haiti pics! Where did you get the modpodge stuff?

  6. wow! what an amazing project! you are so talented xx

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